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The use of ventriloquist puppetry, sleight of hand artistry and captivating stories usher all ages into an exciting learning environment.

Booking information:

Cost Consideration:
Non-Profit Not No Cost

Rate Information:
Single Site, Multiple Site

Booking Information


Call for availability: 608-576-9262



Cost Considerations


We are a non-profit corporation yet overhead does exist.  If you have seen our program and would like us to come to a location near you consider sponsoring us at the next event.  This is a great way to Help us Enlighten your World through helping your community and spreading the Word!

Cost considerations include: mileage, travel and site time as well as advertising, postage, office overhead, telephone, insurance, employee compensation, prep time, promotion, and equipment. Intangibles such as communication effectiveness, seasoned talent with experience, and guaranteed professionalism are cost considerations.

Our program expenses are not supplemented by secondary sources as are most hobbyists, itinerant part-timers, public service or corporate representatives, or voluntary parents with specialized skills or hobbies. Though the M&M TEAM performs on stage and public television regularly, it is not “fully funded.”

A program consists of an average performance time of 50 minutes.


Rate Information


Biblical Rate Spectrum

WE WANT TO SERVE YOU AND OUR LORD.  We are devoted to ministry outreach!

We come at what your organization can afford, period!  Contact us via email ( or call 608-576-2636 to work out a way to have us at your site.


Contact us for questions.


General Rate Spectrum

Please email us or call to enable us to accommodate your needs to make a program possible for you and your organization.  Cost coverage includes mileage. A program consists of an average performance time of 50 minutes.

Bundling programming with another location can save you the cost of an entire program.  Call to ask how you can qualify for bundle programming.
Evening Program Rate

The cost for a regular evening program rate plus expenses.
An evening parent or family program is provided in-class programs scheduled for the same day.
Rate Types

Single Site

Multiple Site Discount

Evening Programs

Single Mass Assembly


Single Public School Mass Assembly

Due to diverse age and attention spans as well as maturity levels, mass assemblies are discouraged in the academic setting. The “Single Site” rates apply, depending on travel time, even if a single program (rather than two programs) is requested.

* Expenses *

The following expenses may be added yet we will not allow the dollar bill to dictate programming.

Mileage: Round trip.

Lodging: Prevailing rate of area.

*The M&M TEAM will arrange for accommodations.


Rates are subject to change without notice!
Single and Multiple Site Rate

Call for pricing.  With so many variable in schedule and program type one flat fee is hard to quote.


The M and M Team uses every day items as well as awesome ventriloquist puppetry and mind-boggling interactive sleight of hand magic to share biblical and life lessons.

Please check out the entire Memory Hook Education resource library for more information on this and other every day items. Your comments, added illustrations and applications would be appreciated as well!