Glasses and Cooperation

Glasses and Cooperation

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Imagine a classroom where every student decides on their own what they will do and when they will do it.  Pandemonium!  How about a sports team where every player does their own thing and plans their own game winning strategy; absurd?  Imagine a work place where no one works together; certain failure is the likely result.

A pair of framed glasses can be used to demonstrate the need for cooperation amongst a team, a collaborative group or any people that share a common goal.  There are many parts that make up a pair of glasses, each part having…

…their particular function.  But though functions vary, they are equally important for the maximum effectiveness of the entire unit.  Cooperation of all parts determines the success of the unit.

Just as you may use a pair of glasses to help focus and present a clear vision on what is good and beneficial for yourself and the team, everyone must work together.  When wearing glasses, our vision is sharp because the glasses are specifically ground and fitted by a master optician to adjust for our specific needs.  Cooperation help in that adjustment process and calls us to think on what is just, noble right, pure, lovely, honorable, excellent and praiseworthy.  As we think on these things we build each other up, encouraging others, praising their successes and cooperation within that framework of behavior strengthened the unit and the collective purpose and goal becomes more attainable.

Glass lenses help one see more clearly and sharpen one’s focus but only when properly positioned within their intended frame.  The lenses are custom made by a master optician who grinds and fits the glasses into the frames thus allowing the wearer to see the world clearly.  When out of their frame, the lenses become useless and not able to complete the intended function.  So it when we withdraw ourselves from the framework of others within the unit.  There is a saying that applies here; “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all the parts are many, they form one body”.



The M and M Team uses every day items as well as awesome ventriloquist puppetry and mind-boggling interactive sleight of hand magic to share biblical and life lessons.

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