Pair of Glasses – Youth Illustration

Pair of Glasses – Youth Illustration

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When you think about a pair of glasses, a lot of times we think of the style of glasses and how they look on a person.

A Pair of Glasses:  Question: What do you use glasses for?  A– They make the blinding person to see or improves our focus so one can see more clearly.  B. The lenses are custom made by a vision expert who custom fits the glasses to allow the wearer to improve their focus to see the world clearly.  The Bible, God’s Word is the focus provider for God’s people.   “Study to show yourself approved”.  Just as a pair of glasses have many parts but one purpose; so do we as believers (1 Cor. 12:12: We are all one body with many parts).

Glass lenses:  Good news is they help us see more clearly but if used to redirect the sun, the redirected beam can start fires and burn the things we built.  When we misdirect our focus from the love, forgiveness and acceptance in Christ to being judgmental, causing division and infighting; we burn the very fabric of unity that holds us together and makes cooperative outreach occur.        The Bible is the way God improves our focus.
The Glass Frames: Question:. What good is a pair of glass frames without…

  • …lenses?  Not much!  Frames are made to securely hold the lenses so you can see clearly.  If the lenses are not united properly with the frame then you will not see the best and definitely not clearly.  The Holy Spirit is the frame on which we depend to allow us to understand the Bible as it applies to us.

The color and style of frames:  Q- What is the main motive behind picking out glasses?  Utility, size, style preferences may be some.  Main issue is how the glasses look on me so I make the best impression; especially if it is a first impression!  We need to keep this in mind, so we can make the best impression on the world we live in.  Just as glasses bring out the best in our appearance so we must put our best foot forward to share Christ, help others in their growth and outreach.   As individuals and we as part of the youth group or Sunday school, we have to be sensitive to the needs, interests, and preferences of those we are trying to reach, teach and help.  We, as the God’s people need to adapt the way we behave so we can to reach our friends and share Christ!
Proper Positioning of the Frame and Lenses:  When the pair of glasses including all its parts is placed properly on the face, everything works together as a single unit.  The glasses can’t work without the person wearing them properly and the person can’t work effectively without the glasses!  The purpose for creating the glasses is reached (clear vision, great focus and improved efficiency) but only with cooperation, coordination and wholeheartedness on all parts.  Ro. 8:37 states we are “Overwhelming conquerors in Christ” and Luke 6:48 states. “A house built on a firm foundation will stand strong” and this is how we can be as we trust Christ to guide us.
A Screw Missing:  All is going well, vision is clear and the glasses are working great.  In a short time however a single, almost invisible screw loosens then falls out destroying the effectiveness and appearance of the glasses.  Periodically we forget the importance of every part of the body in which we are a part.  Most the times, we don’t think of a part until it hurts otherwise we just assume on the other parts.  1 Cor. 12:12 declares “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all the parts are many, they form one body”  In verse 18, “But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be”.  If you feel you are that loose screw, don’t go missing but count your blessings!  God put you in a pivotal and strategic place so do your job wholeheartedly because you are where God wants you. The Bible and the input given to us by the Holly Spirit works together just as glasses with all the different parts work together to fulfill our purposes as a Christian.



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