What Do People Think Of Us? …(It May Surprise you)

The Lord has shown great mercy in His care for us and is opening ministry doors.

Occasionally, outreach feedback is shared with us that is unforgettable!  A very TOUCHING AND GRATIFYING bit of feedback was sent in 2011.


Dear M&M Team,

I recently had the pleasure of conversing with Joyce when I had shared a memory that happened about 23 years ago…….

A few days ago my two boys came home from school and as always, I opened their backpacks to check their folders for home work. As I was going through my oldest sons papers, I came across a post card with a picture of a man.

I took a better look and I realized that I knew this gentleman.  Although the puppet was a new friend, it was clear to me that the M&M team came to visit the Loyal Elementary School library about 23 years ago when I was about 5 or 6 years of age.

I was almost instantly in tears.


I couldn’t believe that my two boys had the pleasure of learning values that I hope will last forever.  I told my boys that their mamma saw the same man and his fabric friends when she was a little girl.  At that point I had gone into my cabinet where I have all my elementary papers that I had collected and on the top of my stack of papers was a picture of a younger Mr. M&M and 8 of his puppet friends.  I kept that picture for over 20 years because for me it was a memory that I will never forget.


The boys listened to my memory of the M&M team and I got to enjoy their story of how funny Mr. M&M was and how he took 3 pieces of string and turned it into one long piece.  I even remember bits and pieces of a song that was sang by the team. “Say No! Get Away! Tell Somebody”.

I want to say thank you M&M team for the hard work and dedication that you’ve provided for many years. I truly have not forgotten nor will I ever forget my memories and sharing them with my children.

A Special Thank You and Many Blessings

Carmen Vazquez (Loyal Elementary School)

Gabriel and Benjamin Willfahrt (Auburndale Elementary School)


As 2014 opportunities open before us, we are looking forward to more exciting and memorable experiences!

In joint service to youth – Mel, Joyce and the M & M TEAM Board of Directors

The M and M Team uses every day items as well as awesome ventriloquist puppetry and mind-boggling interactive sleight of hand magic to share biblical and life lessons.

Please check out the entire Memory Hook Education resource library for more information on this and other every day items. Your comments, added illustrations and applications would be appreciated as well!

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