M and M Team’s Memory Hook Education Division

With this first post, we are excited to introduce the M and M Team’s Memory Hook Education division (MemoryHookEducation.com). This formal Internet kickoff has been a long time coming. We will blog the advances as we grow to keep you informed of our progress. Our blogs will discuss topics, items, and lessons that you as followers and members may want to use as teaching aides. We call these teaching aides, Memory Hooks since they are everyday items that we “Hook” to a lesson that will be remembered for a long time.

On March 1, 2014 (in less than two weeks), we will be having the first phase of the kickoff. The purpose of the Memory Hook Education division will be to help people in any teaching capacity, whether its in public, private, parochial, home school, Sunday school, pastoral, AWANA, youth groups, camp ministry, bible study leaders, or any other teaching role reinforce their lesson theme through the use of everyday items. One big teaching role that is often overlooked is that of a PARENT and this is for you too!
Memory Hook Education provides a “memory hook” on which a lesson thought is hung and this is accomplished by using the normal thought process of an individual and “hooking it” to a common everyday item which is seen on a regular basis. As the person recalls that “regular everyday item” they also consciously or subconsciously recall the “memory hook” lesson or teaching point you attached to that item. The result is a deepening of the message each time they see the “hooked” item since it will help them recall the lesson they learned about.

Memory Hook Education is a training site with both free downloads and a member’s only section enabling people to download lessons as well as audio and video tutorials that show the “how to use it” so one can put the basic principles of a ‘Memory Hook’ object lesson into practice.

We are very excited to use the 43-plus years of teaching and program expertise that Mel Curtiss (Mr. M and M) has acquired through experiences as the Director and educator for the M and M Team, his knowledge also comes from working as a youth group leader and Youth Services Officer for the Sun Prairie Police. These experiences, knowledge and skills will help to enable you to acquire the skills to pass on your lesson.

As a nonprofit educational outreach, we have an interactive plan which allows you to glean ideas from our site while allowing you to share your “everyday item” ideas with us so we, in turn, can share them with others. I am sure you have an item with an idea you have found useful so by all means send it in. When you send it in, we will take it and share it. We may expand it then post it for others to use. If on the other hand, you have a few items that you would like a “Memory Hook” built around then send them to us and we will take it from there.


Booking and Pricing



The use of ventriloquist puppetry, sleight of hand artistry and captivating stories usher all ages into an exciting learning environment.

Booking information:

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Booking Information


Call for availability: 608-576-9262




Cost Considerations


We are a non-profit corporation yet overhead does exist.  If you have seen our program and would like us to come to a location near you consider sponsoring us at the next event.  This is a great way to Help us Enlighten your World through helping your community and spreading the Word!

Cost considerations include: mileage, travel and site time as well as advertising, postage, office overhead, telephone, insurance, employee compensation, prep time, promotion, and equipment. Intangibles such as communication effectiveness, seasoned talent with experience, and guaranteed professionalism are cost considerations.

Our program expenses are not supplemented by secondary sources as are most hobbyists, itinerant part-timers, public service or corporate representatives, or voluntary parents with specialized skills or hobbies. Though the M&M TEAM performs on stage and public television regularly, it is not “fully funded.”

A program consists of an average performance time of 50 minutes.


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Biblical Rate Spectrum

WE WANT TO SERVE YOU AND OUR LORD.  We are devoted to ministry outreach!

We come at what your organization can afford, period!  Contact us via email (booking@mandmteam.com) or call 608-576-2636 to work out a way to have us at your site.


Contact us for questions.


General Rate Spectrum

Please email us or call to enable us to accommodate your needs to make a program possible for you and your organization.  Cost coverage includes mileage. A program consists of an average performance time of 50 minutes.

Bundling programming with another location can save you the cost of an entire program.  Call to ask how you can qualify for bundle programming.
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The cost for a regular evening program rate plus expenses.
An evening parent or family program is provided in-class programs scheduled for the same day.
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Single Public School Mass Assembly

Due to diverse age and attention spans as well as maturity levels, mass assemblies are discouraged in the academic setting. The “Single Site” rates apply, depending on travel time, even if a single program (rather than two programs) is requested.

* Expenses *

The following expenses may be added yet we will not allow the dollar bill to dictate programming.

Mileage: Round trip.

Lodging: Prevailing rate of area.

*The M&M TEAM will arrange for accommodations.


Rates are subject to change without notice!
Single and Multiple Site Rate

Call for pricing.  With so many variable in schedule and program type one flat fee is hard to quote.



Program Types



The use of ventriloquist puppetry, sleight of hand artistry and captivating stories usher all ages into an exciting learning environment.


Church, Camp, Outreach


Parochial*, Public, & Private.


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Biblical Outreach



The M & M*TEAM provides Christ honoring Bible-centered programs. The use of ventriloquist puppetry, sleight of hand artistry and captivating stories usher all ages into an exciting learning environment.


Ministry Services

Personalization of our program to your event, theme or Biblical passage is commonplace. However, we have a summary of several event themes appropriate for camp and VBS programs. Programs include:

-Sunday school

-Morning worship

-Single or series evangelistic outreach



-Youth programs

-Family night

-Parent/child evens




-Youth and family camps or retreats

-Children’s Sunday


-Kid’s club

-Pioneer Club kick-off or awards night

-Neighborhood outreach

-Special events


-Fair ministries

-Parochial schools

-Senior specials

-Senior care center or hospital outreaches

-TV shows

School Programs



The M & M*TEAM provides educationally driven, student interactive memory hook programs. The use of awesome ventriloquist puppetry, mind boggling sleight of hand artistry and captivating stories usher all ages into an exciting learning environment.


Age-Geared Themes

Choices: Accepting Responsibility

Non-violent Conflict Resolution

Respecting Yourself and Others: Cultural Diversity

Drug-Free: Say Yes to Life

Self-Esteem and Me

Peer Pressure vs. Your Choice

Everyday is Earth Day



Choices: Accepting Responsibility

A constant challenge for youth today is making the best choice after considering the available options. The “how-to’s” of wise choice selection and the affects on one’s self and others is examined.

Major points presented and discussed are:

-When you make a choice, you may get more than you bargained for.

-A choice becomes part of you and shapes what others think of you. Unwise choices may trap you.

-Even though people are different on the outside, everyone is very much the same on the inside. Positive feelings, respect, pleasantness, fairness and concern are desired by all.

-If you make “air-head” or thoughtless choices, you may get stuck with unpleasant consequences.

-Problems must be handled or they’ll tie you in knots on the inside as well as hurt the relationship. Talk to someone who can help take the “knots” out.
-If you do not work together or if you make unwise choices (i.e., drugs, theft, lies, hitting, name-calling, etc.), you’ll use up everything and get nothing in return.

-Wise or unwise choices always have consequences and affect the balance.

-An unwise choice repeated can get a grip on you. The key is within yourself, called self-control, not just who you’re with or where you are.

-If wise choices are made, renewing and fulfillment of your body, mind, and relationships have a chance to occur. You are not locked into a choice because others do it. You can choose for yourself. We can start a new standard of life or stick to the “old tested ways of healthy living, sound decisions, and responsible actions.”

Non-violent Conflict Resolution

Our program’s goal is to help the audience learn to assertively and directly face potential conflict in a non-violent and rational problem-solving way.

Assertively addressing potential conflict in a cooperative, non-threatening manner is essential.  There are some points under the theme, “Choices and accepting responsibility,” that relate to “Conflict resolution,” also.

The following are areas upon which parties agree in order to solve a problem.

-Resolve the conflict.

-Tell the truth.

-No interruptions.

-No put downs.

-No fights.

-Forgive, forget it, and move on.



Respecting Yourself and Others:Cultural Diversity

The goal of this program is to examine the following points:

-Liking oneself requires accepting responsibility for personal choices.

-Self-perception often governs or shapes how one treats those around him.

-Differences in people’s appearances, belief-systems, and traditions may provide constructive bridges to understanding, friendship, and growth. The same difference may on the other hand be used as building blocks to a wall of indifference, mistrust, and resentment. How one handles differences makes the difference.

-Though we are different on the outside (hair color and style, body shape and size, clothing styles, ethnic traditions and beliefs), we are all very much the same on the inside (desire for acceptance, respect, care and concern, as well as wanting good things for our future).

-Daily choices are made when dealing with people of different beliefs, traditions or cultures. There are consequences of those choices. Time wisely spent learning about another’s cultural behaviors and sharing our cultural differences may build bridges to greater understanding, respect, and acceptance. Criticizing, condemning and fighting over the differences often reap unpleasant results and builds walls of indifference.

-We must work together for all our sakes or walls of indifference, prejudice and distrust may result.

-We explore ways to express our questions about another’s culture or belief system in non-offensive, non-violent ways.

Drug Free: Say “YES” To Life

The following points are shared:

-Reasons for saying “NO” to drugs from a health and wellness perspective are explored.

-Alternatives that fill one’s life with fulfilling things (sport, education, hobbies, friends, etc).

-Creative ways to state your “no use” position, while encouraging your friends to not use as well.

-Drugs treat everyone the same in many ways.

In addition, some points from the theme, “Choices and Accepting Responsibility” are shared.


Self-Esteem and Me

Developing a balanced view of oneself and our interrelationship with others is examined.

-Liking oneself requires accepting responsibility for choices made.

-How one views self, often governs how one treats those around him.

-Even though we are different on the outside, all people are very much the same on the inside.

-Making wise choices, living a healthy life style and treating each other with mutual respect combine to shape how one feels about oneself.

-Several enabling skills of making decisions are incorporated under this theme.

Peer Pressure vs. Your Choice

This theme combines the main points of “Choices: Accepting Responsibility” with those of “Self-Esteem and Me.”



Everyday is EARTH DAY

-Respecting the environment, examining benefits of accepting responsibility and doing our best to protect natural resources are discussed. Brain storming the positive aspects of conservation are also examined.

-Every Day should be earth day when it comes to respecting our resources, others and ourselves.

-Negative outcomes of disrespectful actions are positive outcomes of protecting our environment. Daily actions (littering, “street art, graffiti, and tagging” are discussed as once known as graffiti.

-Accepting responsibility for personal conduct helps maintain a balanced life and environment.

Though we make individual choices, principles of nature, life and relationships apply.

For the most part, life choices have predictable outcomes though accidents and other people’s choices may affect the outcome. You can have control over the outcome of your choices. Some of these principles are:

A. The harvest principal: what you sow you reap.

B. Do to others, as you would have them do to you.

C. Every action has a corresponding reaction or a cause and effect on the environment or on relationships.

D. Consequences of a choice are unavoidable though they can be minimized.



General Programs



The M & M*TEAM uses extraordinary ventriloquist puppetry, awesome sleight of hand artistry and guided discussions to usher all ages into an exciting, imaginative and effective learning environment. All 40-55 minute programs are age-geared to the audience.

Program Selections

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General Audience




First Division

Involves general education, entertainment or customized programming at:


Both Public or Private

Corporate Functions

Service Club Events









Special Events


Television Specials

Senior Specials

Care Centers



Second Division

Involves biblical outreach programs on the theme or biblical passage of your choice public gatherings such as:

Parochial Schools

Sunday School

Evangelistic Outreach


Youth Programs

Family Night




Youth and Family Camps or Retreats

Morning Worship

Children’s Sunday




Mother or Father/Child

Neighborhood Outreach

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Special Events




Television Specials

Senior Specials

Care Center or Hospital Outreaches


General Audience Themes

High impact entertainment with either a low-key or very purposeful message.

Our customized programming is for your family or age-geared events, such as:


Camp Retreats



Corporate Functions

In-service Training






Service Club

Special Events

“Special Needs” Events

Sunday School

Vacation Bible School

Comments from “M & M TEAM LIVE” Programs

“Excellent, customized, informational and entertaining presentations which fit in so well as our Cambridge school assembly and family programs and at the Italian Workman’s Club.  I highly recommend your programs.

Mike Messina , PTO and IWC Representative
 Cambridge, WI

“Timeless, on target, tailored to the audience. Living proof “live” beats virtual reality!” (on a scale of 1-6, your quality, age-appropriateness, professionalism and ability to communicate all rate sixes)

Brian Mousley, Middle school teacher
 Deerfield Middle School, Deerfield, WI



Corporate Functions


We feature either a high level interactive entertainment based program with a low-key message or a purpose driven program with an interwoven message.




Custom Programming For Your Event

Themes include:

-Corporate Functions

-Service Club Events Banquets



-Rallies Exhibits




Program Offerings

Custom Programming for your Event
 Program Endorsement

Program Endorsement:

“I recommend the M & M*TEAM without hesitation. It’s my first choice for health fairs and open houses. He works his magic on audiences of all ages, weaving the ever important messages into entertainment.” 
(seven program visits in 6 years)

Asst. Admin. Barbara J. Dodge
 The Sheboygan Clinics, Sheboygan, WI

“Oakdale CU highly recommends the M & M TEAM to perform at any function you have. Mel was a great hit at our annual meeting. His audience interaction and subject material were exceptional (personalized credit union theme). He really worked the audience with his sleight of hand tricks, humor, and his ventriloquist puppet. Without hesitation, contact Mel.” 4/97

Colleen Waggon, President
 Oakdale Credit Union, Mauston, WI

“Thank you again for your special program. To quote a resident, ‘the program was very enlightening, interesting and entertaining.’

Marilyn R. Hahn, Colonial View (second visit)
Sun Prairie, WI

“Some comments made were: It was great! He had a message, involved the audience. You have an entertaining and uplifting program.

Melanie Erdmann, M. S. W.
 Rock Co. Human Services
 Janesville, WI

“Thank you for your presence and performances in the youth tent . Everyone loved you. You work so well with young people and your message is so strong. Even in the heat, your shows went well raising spirits of everyone.” (third visit)

Rachel Heidtke, Youth Tent Program Coordinator
 Wisconsin Farm Progress Days ’95

“Very good! Hope you come back next year!

President Lou Salla, Odon IN – Business Assn.
 Odon, IN



The Organization

The Organization




In all, the M & M Team has presented to well over one million people.


Our commitment is to educate in an entertaining and interactive manner.



Our philosophy is to provide quality, satisfaction guaranteed programs regardless of one’s ability to cover actual expenses.

Memory Hook Education Is Our Venue.


The Guarantee:

Our commitment to excellence in providing the best program available.

We want to Enlighten The World…






The M & M Team with Mel Curtiss has twenty-four years of assembly programming experience to diverse audiences.  Excellence in programming is recognized by 1,221 schools, youth organizations, and other program sponsors.  Having conducted over 12,250 programs at more than 1,087 sites, Mel has performed for audiences in 505 public and parochial elementary school districts, and for students in 118 middle schools, high schools, and technical colleges.






Our commitment is to educate in an entertaining and interactive manner.

Through the use of extraordinary ventriloquist puppetry, awesome sleight of hand artistry, and guided discussions audiences of all ages are ushered into an exciting, imaginative, and effective learning environment. All 40 to 50 minute programs are geared to the age, maturity, and understanding levels of the audience.






Our passion is reaching, teaching, and preaching to other and we will not let the dollar bill dictate that focus.  If a financial hardship exists, we will make every effort to accommodate! Please be fair about a request of this nature.



Statement of Faith:



What we Believe:

The Dollar Does Not Dictate The Outreach…

We believe the Bible to be the inspired and only authoritative Word of God.

We believe there is one God, eternally existent in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ; in His virgin birth; in His sinless life; in His miracles; in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood; in His actual bodily resurrection; in His Ascension to the right hand of the Father; and in His personal return in power and glory.

We believe that for the salvation of lost and sinful man regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.

We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit by whose indwelling the Christian is enabled to live a godly life.

We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of damnation.



The Guarantee



Our M & M Team program guarantee is simply stated; either you are fully satisfied with our completed program(s) or you will be compensated accordingly. Contact us Today!


Contact Information

Contact Information 


916 8th St

Marshfield, WI 54449



Booking: 608-576-9262

Program details: 608-576-2636






Leadership Team

DirectorMel Curtiss

Board President: Juergen Mueller

Board Vice President: Ken Hunt

Secretary/Treasurer: Joyce Curtiss

Promotion Specialist: Paul Curtiss

Board Members: Bill Goodson

Auditor: Position Needed


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